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53140039:K/1B:Method Academy* (Givens) AT Defenders* (Taylor) FieldhouseUSA / Court 01 9/21/2020Mon6:00 PM7:00 PM
53420023:3G:Nike Pro Skills (Hughey) AT Phenoms (Stotts) FieldhouseUSA / Court 02 9/21/2020Mon6:00 PM7:00 PM
53150023:2B:North Texas Hoopsters* (Pitcock) AT Cheetahs 2031* (Cavin) FieldhouseUSA / Court 04 9/21/2020Mon6:00 PM7:00 PM
53190016:4BB1:NTB (Kennedy) AT Texas Elite Flight 2029* (Johnson) FieldhouseUSA / Court 05 9/21/2020Mon6:00 PM7:00 PM
53370032:6GB:Frisco Cavs* (Nelson) AT Dream Team* (DuFour) FieldhouseUSA / Court 06 9/21/2020Mon6:00 PM7:00 PM
53170024:3BB:North Texas Hoopsters* AT Defenders* (Taylor) FieldhouseUSA / Court 08 9/21/2020Mon6:00 PM7:00 PM
53380015:6GA:Frisco Hoops* (Reinhardt) AT Pro Skills* (Hughey) FieldhouseUSA / Court 01 9/21/2020Mon7:10 PM8:10 PM
53220031:6BA:Texas Elite Flight 2027-* (Johnson) AT Hunt United Basketball 2027 Red* (Turner) FieldhouseUSA / Court 02 9/21/2020Mon7:10 PM8:10 PM
53180015:4BA:H.U.B. Black 2030* (Hunt) AT Team United Texas* (mcghee) FieldhouseUSA / Court 04 9/21/2020Mon7:10 PM8:10 PM
53390023:5G:Lakers (Lefebvre) AT Pro Skills* (Hughey) FieldhouseUSA / Court 05 9/21/2020Mon7:10 PM8:10 PM
53340016:HSG:D1 Elite 2025 (Loyd) AT Best of the Best (Best) FieldhouseUSA / Court 06 9/21/2020Mon7:10 PM8:10 PM
53210024:5BB:Titans* (Pollard) AT Lions* (Bower) FieldhouseUSA / Court 08 9/21/2020Mon7:10 PM8:10 PM
53280024:8BC:Mamba Mentality* (Blagg) AT Frisco Blue Devils* (Marrero) FieldhouseUSA / Court 01 9/21/2020Mon8:20 PM9:20 PM
53360002:7/8GA:Wildcats (Johnson) AT LOJO 2026 Elite*- (Edge) FieldhouseUSA / Court 02 9/21/2020Mon8:20 PM9:20 PM
53260023:8BA:Broncos* (Seyb) AT Inferno* (Johnson) FieldhouseUSA / Court 05 9/21/2020Mon8:20 PM9:20 PM
53320038:10B:NLB Gold (Carter) AT D1 (Mercadel) FieldhouseUSA / Court 06 9/21/2020Mon8:20 PM9:20 PM
53250039:7BB:North Texas Hoopsters Gold* AT Honey Badgers* (Warren) FieldhouseUSA / Court 08 9/21/2020Mon8:20 PM9:20 PM
53350016:NLB (Carter) vs LOJO 2026 Black*- (Jordan) FieldhouseUSA / Court 01 9/22/2020Tue6:00 PM7:00 PM
53130005:Elite Force (Smith-James)* vs North Texas Hoopsters Black* FieldhouseUSA / Court 02 9/22/2020Tue6:00 PM7:00 PM
53230029:6BC:Mavericks* (Collins) AT The Colony Cougars* (Mindlin) FieldhouseUSA / Court 03 9/22/2020Tue6:00 PM7:00 PM
53110006:2G:Unicorns (Fields) AT LOJO 2031 Black*- (Edge) FieldhouseUSA / Court 04 9/22/2020Tue6:00 PM7:00 PM
53190015:4BB1:LOJO 2029/30*- (Jordan) AT ESBY Athletics* (King) FieldhouseUSA / Court 05 9/22/2020Tue6:00 PM7:00 PM
53370031:6GB:Lady Rebels (Barahona) AT Frisco Breakers* (Whitehead) FieldhouseUSA / Court 06 9/22/2020Tue6:00 PM7:00 PM
53130022:5BA:Hub 2028/29* (Rush) AT Defenders Blue* (Taylor) FieldhouseUSA / Court 01 9/22/2020Tue7:10 PM8:10 PM
53220030:6BA:Wildcats* (Dinkins) AT Tar Heels* (Blackwell) FieldhouseUSA / Court 02 9/22/2020Tue7:10 PM8:10 PM
53270023:8BB:NTB* (Carroll) AT NLB White (Carter) FieldhouseUSA / Court 03 9/22/2020Tue7:10 PM8:10 PM
53410016:4GA:Warriors (Krolikowski) AT North Texas Lady Storm*- (Eckman) FieldhouseUSA / Court 04 9/22/2020Tue7:10 PM8:10 PM
53140040:Magic* (Boyd) vs Superheroes* (Davis) FieldhouseUSA / Court 05 9/22/2020Tue7:10 PM8:10 PM
53340015:Prodigy Basketball*- (Johnson) vs Best of the Best (Best) FieldhouseUSA / Court 06 9/22/2020Tue7:10 PM8:10 PM
53290022:Raptors* (Stotts) vs Defenders Blue (Taylor) FieldhouseUSA / Court 01 9/22/2020Tue8:20 PM9:20 PM
53310024:9BB:Hoosiers* (Draudt) AT Gators (NP)*- (Biddle) FieldhouseUSA / Court 02 9/22/2020Tue8:20 PM9:20 PM
53300023:9BB:NLB Gold (Carter) AT North Texas Hoopsters Gold FieldhouseUSA / Court 03 9/22/2020Tue8:20 PM9:20 PM
53250038:7BB:NTB Blue* (Carroll) AT United Ballers 2026* (Colston) FieldhouseUSA / Court 04 9/22/2020Tue8:20 PM9:20 PM
53360024:7/8GA:All Day Elite (Crowell) AT Lady Rebels (Barahona) FieldhouseUSA / Court 05 9/22/2020Tue8:20 PM9:20 PM
53320037:10B:Pink Panthers* (Miller) AT Defenders* (Taylor) FieldhouseUSA / Court 06 9/22/2020Tue8:20 PM9:20 PM
53140038:K/1B:Swish* (Mott) AT D1 (Mercadel) FieldhouseUSA / Court 01 9/23/2020Wed6:00 PM7:00 PM
53160016:3BA:Prosper Blue Hawks* (Layton) AT ESBY Athletics* (King) FieldhouseUSA / Court 02 9/23/2020Wed6:00 PM7:00 PM
53230030:6BC:North Texas Hoopsters Black* AT D1 White (Carr) FieldhouseUSA / Court 03 9/23/2020Wed6:00 PM7:00 PM
53390022:5G:D1 (Newton) AT LOJO 2028 Black*- (Jordan) FieldhouseUSA / Court 04 9/23/2020Wed6:00 PM7:00 PM
53370029:6GB:D1 White (Christian) AT Hoop Queens* (WOODSON) FieldhouseUSA / Court 06 9/23/2020Wed6:00 PM7:00 PM
53170023:3BB:Team EA* (Smith) AT Phenoms* (Stotts) FieldhouseUSA / Court 08 9/23/2020Wed6:00 PM7:00 PM
53380016:6GA:D1 Elite 2027 (Loyd) AT LOJO 2027 Black*- (Jordan) FieldhouseUSA / Court 01 9/23/2020Wed7:10 PM8:10 PM
53220029:6BA:United Ballers* (Harris) AT D1 Blue (Millsap) FieldhouseUSA / Court 02 9/23/2020Wed7:10 PM8:10 PM
53270022:8BB:Legacy* (Ryskamp) AT Honey Badgers* (Warren) FieldhouseUSA / Court 03 9/23/2020Wed7:10 PM8:10 PM
53240022:7BA:Hunt United Black-Turner* (Turner) AT Phenoms* (Stotts) FieldhouseUSA / Court 04 9/23/2020Wed7:10 PM8:10 PM
53330023:HSB:United Ballers* (Housewright) AT NLB (Carter) FieldhouseUSA / Court 06 9/23/2020Wed7:10 PM8:10 PM
53210023:5BB:Defenders White AT Best of the Best* (Best) FieldhouseUSA / Court 08 9/23/2020Wed7:10 PM8:10 PM
53280022:8BC:TL Warriors (Casey) AT Defenders* (Taylor) FieldhouseUSA / Court 01 9/23/2020Wed8:20 PM9:20 PM
53310023:9BB:NTB Green (Carroll) AT NDE* (Hood) FieldhouseUSA / Court 02 9/23/2020Wed8:20 PM9:20 PM
53350015:7/8GB:LOJO 2026 Black*- (Jordan) AT Lady Legends* (Clark) FieldhouseUSA / Court 04 9/23/2020Wed8:20 PM9:20 PM
53320036:10B:Bad (Jimison) AT Warriors* (White) FieldhouseUSA / Court 06 9/23/2020Wed8:20 PM9:20 PM
53140037:K/1B:Baby H.U.B* (Durant) AT North Texas Hoopsters Black* (Milton) FieldhouseUSA / Court 01 9/24/2020Thu6:00 PM7:00 PM
53160015:3BA:NTB Purple* (Kennedy) AT Splash Ballers*+ (Webber) FieldhouseUSA / Court 03 9/24/2020Thu6:00 PM7:00 PM
53430008:K/1G:Lady Bears (Dimerson) AT Aggies (Bahnmiller) FieldhouseUSA / Court 04 9/24/2020Thu6:00 PM7:00 PM
53260022:8BA:D1 (Christian) AT North Texas Hoopsters Black* FieldhouseUSA / Court 05 9/24/2020Thu6:00 PM7:00 PM
53370030:Lady Mambas* (March) vs NTX Elite Ducks (Crain) FieldhouseUSA / Court 06 9/24/2020Thu6:00 PM7:00 PM
53200016:4BB2:NTB Green* (Carroll) AT North Texas Hoopsters* (Milton) FieldhouseUSA / Court 01 9/24/2020Thu7:10 PM8:10 PM
53400024:4GB:Tar Heels (Clark) AT Pink Ballers (Holm) FieldhouseUSA / Court 03 9/24/2020Thu7:10 PM8:10 PM
53360022:7/8GA:D1 (Newton) AT Wildcats (Johnson) FieldhouseUSA / Court 05 9/24/2020Thu7:10 PM8:10 PM
53330022:HSB:Trojans* (Kingston) AT North Texas Hoopsters* FieldhouseUSA / Court 06 9/24/2020Thu7:10 PM8:10 PM
53210022:5BB:United Ballers 2028* (Colston) AT D1* (Loyd) FieldhouseUSA / Court 08 9/24/2020Thu7:10 PM8:10 PM
53250037:Xpress Hoops 26 Red* (Reese) vs Rebels* (Daniels) FieldhouseUSA / Court 01 9/24/2020Thu8:20 PM9:20 PM
52820045:ADL:Something Serious* (Taylor) AT Make It Rain* (Holimon) FieldhouseUSA / Court 03 9/24/2020Thu8:20 PM9:20 PM
53240024:7BA:NLB White* (Carter) AT North Texas Hoopsters Black* FieldhouseUSA / Court 04 9/24/2020Thu8:20 PM9:20 PM
53320035:10B:T-Zone* (Lee) AT North Texas Hoopsters FieldhouseUSA / Court 06 9/24/2020Thu8:20 PM9:20 PM
53250036:7BB:D1 (Christian) AT Thunder* (Lopez) FieldhouseUSA / Court 08 9/24/2020Thu8:20 PM9:20 PM
52820046:ADL:219 Finest (East) AT Black Out* (Jones) FieldhouseUSA / Court 03 9/24/2020Thu9:20 PM10:20 PM
53170022:3BB:D1 (Loyd) AT Black Mambas* (Raley) FieldhouseUSA / Court 01 9/25/2020Fri6:00 PM7:00 PM
53110005:2G:Frisco Phoneix (Whitehead) AT Lady Bears (Reames) FieldhouseUSA / Court 03 9/25/2020Fri6:00 PM7:00 PM
53420022:3G:LOJO 2030*- (Edge) AT Misfits (Schneller) FieldhouseUSA / Court 04 9/25/2020Fri6:00 PM7:00 PM
53440023:Gunter Lady Tigers*- (Dainauski) vs Volleypops* (Lochman) FieldhouseUSA / Court 06 9/25/2020Fri6:00 PM7:00 PM
53450036:4GV:Aces (Seeman) AT Barnes* (Barnes) FieldhouseUSA / Court 07 9/25/2020Fri6:00 PM7:00 PM
53460022:5GV:Wonders (Erickson) AT Unicorns (Mason) FieldhouseUSA / Court 08 9/25/2020Fri6:00 PM7:00 PM
53280023:8BC:Elite Outdoor Living* (Brown) AT North Texas Hoopsters Purple FieldhouseUSA / Court 01 9/25/2020Fri7:10 PM8:10 PM
53230031:6BC:Defenders White* (Taylor) AT Commanders (Bucher) FieldhouseUSA / Court 03 9/25/2020Fri7:10 PM8:10 PM
53400023:4GB:Lady EA Hoopz 2029 (Allen) AT Lady Grizzlies (Jones) FieldhouseUSA / Court 04 9/25/2020Fri7:10 PM8:10 PM
53450039:4GV:Mustangs* (Aschenbrenner) AT Volley Llamas* (Wylie) FieldhouseUSA / Court 06 9/25/2020Fri7:10 PM8:10 PM
53450038:4GV:Crazy Coyotes*- (Dean) AT Royals* (Dougherty) FieldhouseUSA / Court 07 9/25/2020Fri7:10 PM8:10 PM
53470016:5/6GV:Aces (Mott) AT VA Panthers Blue (Enlow) FieldhouseUSA / Court 08 9/25/2020Fri7:10 PM8:10 PM
53210029: NTB Blue*(Carroll) vs LOJO 2028*-(Jordan) FieldhouseUSA / Court 01 9/25/2020Fri8:20 PM9:20 PM
53270024:8BB:Panthers* (Schwab) AT North Texas Hoopsters Gold* FieldhouseUSA / Court 03 9/25/2020Fri8:20 PM9:20 PM
53240023:7BA:All or Nothing Elite* (LaDay) AT LOJO 2026*- (Jordan) FieldhouseUSA / Court 04 9/25/2020Fri8:20 PM9:20 PM
53440024:3GV:Sugar and Spikes* (Considine) AT Pink Spikers (Marcus) FieldhouseUSA / Court 06 9/25/2020Fri8:20 PM9:20 PM
53460023:5GV:Dream Team* (Wells) AT Volley llamas* (perez) FieldhouseUSA / Court 07 9/25/2020Fri8:20 PM9:20 PM
53490022:7/8GV:Fusion (Tannock) AT Longhorns (Schmidt) FieldhouseUSA / Court 08 9/25/2020Fri8:20 PM9:20 PM
53290024:9BA:NTB Blue (Carroll) AT Kings of the Court (Brown) FieldhouseUSA / Court 01 9/25/2020Fri9:30 PM10:30 PM
53300024:9BB:Defenders White (Taylor) AT Mean Green* (Duran) FieldhouseUSA / Court 03 9/25/2020Fri9:30 PM10:30 PM
53260024:8BA:Frisco Raiders* (Norton) AT Method Academy* (Givens) FieldhouseUSA / Court 04 9/25/2020Fri9:30 PM10:30 PM
53480024:6GV:Purple Coyotes (Devlin) AT Volleypops* (Lochman) FieldhouseUSA / Court 07 9/25/2020Fri9:30 PM10:30 PM
53490023:7/8GV:Apex* (Thompson) AT Lady Royals* (Perez ) FieldhouseUSA / Court 08 9/25/2020Fri9:30 PM10:30 PM
53530002:BU78:Adams (Adams) AT Sharks (White) FieldhouseUSA / Turf B 9/26/2020Sat9:00 AM9:50 AM
53540003:GU78:Uchil (Uchil) AT Pink Lightning (Songy) FieldhouseUSA / Turf B 9/26/2020Sat10:00 AM10:50 AM
53540004:GU78:Pink Lightning (Songy) AT Unicorns (Carter) FieldhouseUSA / Turf B 9/26/2020Sat11:00 AM11:50 AM
53500001:B910:Brown (Brown) AT FC Dragons* (MacArthur) FieldhouseUSA / Turf 9/26/2020Sat1:00 PM1:50 PM
53510001:BU12:Cobras (Venzor) -AT- FC Storm (Corona) FieldhouseUSA / Turf 9/26/2020Sat2:00 PM2:50 PM
53520004:BU14:FC Madrid (Kutkut) -AT- Santos Laguna* (Martinez) FieldhouseUSA / Turf 9/26/2020Sat3:00 PM3:50 PM
53510003:BU12:Santos Laguna* (Martinez) -AT- Wolves (Jimenez) FieldhouseUSA / Turf 9/26/2020Sat4:00 PM4:50 PM
53520020:FC Madrid (Kutkut) vs Frisco Fire* (Buck) FieldhouseUSA / Turf 9/26/2020Sat5:00 PM5:50 PM
53510021:Santos Laguna* (Martinez) vs Moose Army (Rodriguez) FieldhouseUSA / Turf 9/26/2020Sat6:00 PM6:50 PM